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. republican opponents of obama care have gone further. after it passed they stalked it like jack the ripper. in the states, through the courts, all the way to the supreme court, which, uh-oh, ruled it constitutional. in last year's election when they lost again. but quit? never. for republicans, this has become their alamo. in july, less than three months before scheduled launch, the speaker of the house, republican john boehner, drew one more line in the sand. >> obama care is bad for america. we're going to do everything we can to make sure that it never happens. >> and yet the darn thing survived, despite the administration's own very serious mistakes. as rovner reported, obama's people naively figured republican states couldn't resist all that cash coming down from the federal government and would decide to create their own insurance exchanges and expand their medicaid programs. not so. republicans, it seems, have their principles, and health care for poor people is not one of them. ideology trumped money. republicans aside, obama care had its own built-in problem, born of original sin.
condemning obama care. but does anybody remember that, in fact, it was republicans conservatives who said we don't want single payer. we want the insurance companies involved in these exchanges and this is the way to go. and guess what president obama accommodated republican positions to try and get a deal. no republican support it. republican complaints, fascism. >> michelle and then john and then we've got to go. >> what obama care is doing right now is undermining and really tearing apart private insurance companies. >> oh, yeah, and then doing such a great job, michelle. they were bankrupting american corporation. american corporations complain about the high cost of health care under those pry vatd insurance companies. >> go ahead, michelle. >> look, what they're doing is they're choking them, like kim said. they're doing it through red tape, through regulations. that's not what we need right now. we need -- what's going to happen is we're going to see employers drop tons of people into the exchanges and then we're just going to see what we're seeing in europe. >> oh, yes. is that what
obama care offering. >> republican senator tim scott joins us. good evening, sir. >> thank you, greta. good to be back with you. >> what do you make of the fact that this -- obama care is dependent on the young and the healthy, buying in droves to support older and the sick. is that happening or is it going to happen? >> i think that's unrealistic expectation for obama care. think about it this way. young adults have unemployment rate near 17%. they graduate from college, cannot find a job, they have student loans that are due. they would like to buy a house one day and now they are being told that they have to buy a policy they don't really want. it's not going to happen. in south carolina alone, student graduates from clemson university, 26, 27 years old. he is looking at a 64% increase in his rates. a young lady graduates from the gamecocks. she is looking at 20% to 30% increase in the rates from ju so now they are buying policies that they do not want. i'm not sure how you tell a young person who believes already that they are invincible that they have to buy a policy with coverag
health care rollout we are seeing a growing chorus of voices on the left saying the problems with obama care are all the fault of republicans. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. we have had a week of huge headlines on the health care roll out. dramatic hearings on the still not working website. a string of material broke withen promises from the president himself. as millions of americans find themselves kiiked off of the health care b plans they very much liked which he promised repeatedly they could keep. last night, a dramatic document leak revealing the numbers the administration did not want to share. just six sign-ups on day one of obama care. we have new details on that tonight. with a growing number of democratic lawmakers now starting to worry b about their political futures we brought you the poll that showed the president's numbers falling. we begin the broadcast with a story at politico getting attention suggesting all the problems are the product of gop sabotage. here is a little of democrats giving voice to the idea this week. >> this continuous effort on the pa
with congressman jeff denham, the first republican to join with democrats as a bill respond sore. >> president obama spoke to a room full of advocates at the white house on thursday in hopes of bringing the senate's im grayings bill back into the -- immigration bill back into the spot light. >> it doesn't make sense to have 11 million people in this country illegally an incentive to come out of the shadows, get right with the law, meet their responsibilities and permit ahead. >> the border security you economic opportunity and immigration modernisation act passed in the senate in june 27th. it's in the hands of the house. it features border security, doubling border patrol with a boost in funding and mandatory use of force training. a pathway to citizenship, establishing a 13-year pathway to citizen ship and includes security benchmark before they can get a green card. it increases high tech and low-skilled worker visas, requiring a workplace verification system. and law enforcement. detailing protection for workers and refugees, and what happens if an immigrant breaks the law. a poll conducte
-3 and they have retired judges command. the republicans are concerned that if obama gets an appointment that is going to tilt the court. that court also is a feeder to the u.s. supreme court. chief justice roberts was on that court. that is another reason that judicial appointment to that court, they are very sensitive. toare we not getting closer the day when they will blow up the filibuster? wrecks on appointments if they do not cut a deal. it would not be on show -- on judicial. >> let's get one thing straight about mel watt. this would be the first time in 160 years that a member of congress has been denied confirmation by the senate. outrageous. at the same time that fannie mae is taking on the nine biggest raised interest mel watt is the person to do it. quick senator lindsey graham is talking about locking other nominations including yellin's if he does not get more emphasis on benghazi. infor him it is a gimme south carolina. it is a sad reflection of where we are. >> you have senator rand paul who is talking about holding up the yellin nomination because he wants an audit of th
recent race for the white house from republican back stabbing to president obama's feelings about president clinton to a possible move to switch running mates. nbc's andrea mitchell has the book report tonight. >> hey, guys. how you doing? >> reporter: joe biden looked in charge in the oval office today. but two years ago the president's top aides polled whether to dump biden for hillary clinton. according to the book "double down" biden dodged a bullet he never saw coming when focus groups proved adding clinton wouldn't improve the president's odds. >> i think it's important to know that campaigns and pollsters as part of campaigns test a lot of things. >> reporter: biden was later shut out of campaign strategy sessions after he endorsed gay marriage two weeks before mr. obama planned to. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women -- >> reporter: the book has new details on obama's edgy relationship with bill clinton. when the two tried to bond over a round of golf, obama couldn't even finish 18 holes telling an aid, i like him in dos
. i want to switch gears and address the obama care debate, sir. i spoke with republican congressman tom cole a few moments ago who said the president should have perhaps conceded to their demands for a delay in obama care up to a year perhaps. that could have avoided these glitches. what's your take on that? >> no, i think he's wrong. everybody in fact i predicted six months ago there would be problems because anytime you try as big a social program as this, where you're trying to bring 30 million people into a program that have never been involved in health insurance before, and many of whom don't understand computers and are -- you're going have glitches. so you have to power through it. we did the same thing with social security. in 1935, you had 21 million people that did not have a social security number. we had to issue a social security number for everyone. we had to sort ought owl the smiths and connect the smiths to their income to do this social security program. it was very difficult to do. it was a mess at the beginning. but it's working just fine now. i think this is go
jobs. >> meantime, republicans are doubling down today on the problems that be have plagued the obama care website with senator dan coats of indiana delivering the weekly gop response. >> too many americans still cannot even access the online exchanges and for the few that have, their experiencing sticker shock. the president told us that obama care is more than a website. i agree. it it is more than just a website and the problems run far deeper than a few technological glitches. >> well, the white house released a progress report late friday on the website fix saying it is improving with users now waiting an average of less than a second for pages to load compared to eight seconds in the first few weeks. teams are working to improve the application process and increase system speed and efficiency. another round of fixes is planned for this weekend. in fact, i'm taking a look at a note being told from 9:00 p.m. tonight till 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the website will be down and it will be fixed at that point. highway the online fixes may be coming, there's damage to the program's i
>>> the hate obama party. let's play "hardball." ♪ ♪ >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. this hatred of the president has sunk deeper and deeper into the republican blood stream. to be a member of the gop in november 2013 is to be a member of the h.o.p., the hate obama party. you must not only oppose him, the plit cat -- political leader. but everything with his name on it. you must not only hate the president's health care plan, you must support any work of sabotage. the goal is to blow up the program. whether by denying people information, refusing to have your state participate, talking the young people into how to avoid accountability. this is what the enemies have been doing since they first learned of his election just as the southern states began moving towards secession. in the victory of abraham lincoln, this is the way they wanted to sabotage his -- well, tonight the hate obama party and all its anger and misery. david corn and ron reagan, both are msnbc contributors. gentlemen, thank you for joining us. this sabota
're in a tough position. >> i'm just telling the truth. most americans want obama care to work. they think republicans should stop erasing the guy. >> wait a minute, arguably -- >> why should we stop harassing the white house? they were intentional deceitful with premiums not going up. now why shouldn't we be able to give the white house a hard time? >> absolutely. especially when you're right. democratic senator max baucus compared obama care to humpty dumpty. it's more like a humpty dump. the best argument to big government is big government. that's why it's important that you can't just talk about the website. part of this mountain of misery with obama care. the cancellations. the sticker shock. the epemployer mandate. the only thing that worked was obama's golf swing. once the website gets fixed, the media's going to say, everything's fine. that's where the republicans have to start saying, no, it's not just about the website. the website was 1 of 17 problems. >> hold on, you brought up max baucus. can i play max actually doing that nursery rhyme? hit it, max. >> let's just see how muc
state that voted for president obama by 17 points last 84, a blue state that last voted for a republican presidential candidate in 1988 that last elected a republican to the senate more than 40 years ago, there has been no effort by the national democrats in the new jersey race, no campaign swings by obaum. no visits by the clintons. they're not even trying. christie hasn't even had to break sweat here. he's going to win and win big. then he will get to go around the country telling republicans how electable he s. how he and only he is in position to win over blue state america and win back the white house. of course, there is a reason the white house hasn't made this a fight. probably because of this. >> the brought has been all over this. he deserves great credit. i have been on the phone with him yesterday i said personally three times, he gave me his number at the white house, told me to call him if i needed anything. he absolutely means it. >> that's right. >> it's been very good working with the president and he and his administration have been coordinating with us great. it's wond
these will be. republicans will keep maneuvering for ways to make implementation of obama care hard. >> and i know tom davis, i am in awe because i have to tell you upstairs we did a little betting odds, rush holt was the big favorite and you defeated him. congratulations. thanks for playing and being good sports. thanks to governor christie todd whitman and the rest of you. appreciate you getting up this morning. thanks for joining us for "up." tomorrow, they call him the jon stewart of egypt. what he tells us about u.s./egypt relations and a free society. up next is melissa harris-perry, a all-out assault on women from texas to oklahoma to wisconsin whose bodies continue to be subject to control by legislation. some pockets of the republican party, signs of a backlash. that and the latest on the fact and fiction when it comes to obama care. that's next. i love having a free checked bag with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. [ julian ] having a card that d
, and you know, when you we look at the broader context, so the vacancies that we have under president obama, again, this means that there is a backlog despite what the republicans want to say of vacancies and you have had everyone from chief justice john roberts to the president of the aba, i'll read something chief justice roberts said. the vital resource needs of the judicial branch include the appointment of an adequate number of judges to keep the current -- keep current on pending cases at the close of 2012, 27 of the existing vacancies presenting judicial emergencies. i urge the executive and legislative branches to act diligently in nominating and confirming highly qualified candidates to fill the vacancies. talk to us about what constitutes a judicial emergency. >> well, judicial emergencies occur when there's a backlog of cases and when cases take a long time to -- >> like four years? >> -- to resolve. exactly. we see that happening across the united states. now, republicans would say, oh, there's not a judicial emergency in terms of the d.c. circuit. but if you look at it, in the
should do at this point? >> the democrats? i think that kathleen sebelius and president obama should send the house republican has giant gift basket with a big shiny red bow on top for their performance this week. it's pretty clear that republicans seem to have a penchant for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and i would say this week was no exception. it's clear that there are some problems with the rollout of the health care law, particularly obviously with but the one thing americans were not inclined to do was shut down the government over the health care law, and right now they might have been inclined to support hearings to find out what were the actual problems. but they're not willing to do was see it become part of a witch hunt or monkey court. that's why we're seeing support for the law go up and support for republicans drop to a low. >> having said that, what do you think the democrats should do next? >> i think they should try to get exactly what they were doing, which they should try to get to the bottom of the problems with and they sh
the problems with obama care are all the fault of republicans. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. we have had a week of huge headlines on the health care roll out. dramatic hearings on the still not working website. a string of material broke withen promises from the president himself. as millions of americans find themselves kiiked off of the health care b plans they very much liked which he promised repeatedly they could keep. last night, a dma
with president obama and his appeal in a blue state going to help him if he decides to seek the republican presidential nomination when he has got a lot of conservatives who are going to really scrutinize him and question whether he is really conservative enough to be on a ticket. so kind of cuts both ways for christie. is he going to be a popular republican governor in a blue state. but what's that going to mean for him going forward when he tries to w the republican nomination when you are going four the real conservative voters. >> let's talk about another governor's race. larry, start with you. this one in virginia. terry mcauliff and ken cuccinelli. it has been all over the board, has it not. right after the government shutdown it looked like mcauliff had a wider lead. that gap seems to be kind of closing. where do they stand? what do you think? >> well, the obama care controversy has, i think, cut a couple of points off mcauliff's margin. the problem for the republican ken cuccinelli is that mcauliff ran up the score when he could during the government shutdown and raising far more m
with obama but the governor is a republican, rick snyder, and he's the one who appointed this guy kevin or it was what's known as an emergency measure and is basically running the city. you sort of powers over the city's budget and finances and he made the decision to put the city in bankruptcy. and so you can you see some of those you know, i guess divides over the best way to fix these things playing out in detroit. the governor when he took office made the decision to slash corporate tax rates throughout the state. you know, to lure business back to the state. he did not choose to increase aid to the largest and most troubled city. instead chose to appoint this emergency manager and move towards managed the bankruptcy. so yeah, you know, it's not as, i guess, maybe in some with texas and detroit, our michigan rather aren't as different as they seem they would be. >> jeff, i have a quick question on that front. because you and i were talking before about how even the contrast, thinking about a place being in sort of disrepair and then maybe the tide shifting. we are talking of the con
for several weeks now that obama care is more than just an ailing website. today, the republican senior senator from indiana, dan coates, agrees, and said obama care's problems, quote, run far deeper. >> when middle class families are getting hit with massive premium increases and outrageous deductibles, it's more than just a website. when individuals can't keep the doctors they have trusted for years, it's more than just a website. when hard working americans are seeing their hours cut and paychecks shrink, it's more than just a website. >> cbs news reported this week that only six people signed up for obama care the first day the website went live and only 248 people signed up by the end of day two. the obama administration needs 39,000 people to enroll a day to meet its goals and make the system work. the white house calls those, quote, rough figures, and says it will reveal enrollment numbers for october in mid-november. white house press secretary jake carney says it will be a slow build. >> it's no question it's been made more challenging by the poorly functioning website and that
republicans, they understand this time around that we don't need some massive obama-style bill to move this forward. i think the folks that were there were not asking for amnesty or open borders but something that will allow, as you mentioned in the opening monologue, for business folks, for just evangelicals and manufacturers around the country to have some way to making those that are here legal. what i mean by legal, giving them some way to have legal documentation where they can move about our economy -- >> let's get down to brass tacks, though, glenn. you have to get those votes in the house. getting a report from a major advocacy group that is estimates there are about 150 gop swing votes in the house on immigration. when you look at those numbers, do you agree with that number, first of all? and what's your strategy to try to get to swing some of those gop votes over to what you want? you can see it's just all across the country basically, whether it's in the south or the north, east and west. >> well, i think what it is is presenting the case again that it doesn't hav
a belief among republicans that at some point and after some costs, the website will be functional, so critics are taking aim at weaknesses of the actual law. lou? >> thank you very much. mike emanuel from capitol hill. >>> president obama today struggled to divert the media from the drama on capitol hill. he was in massachusetts touting his health care law in the state he claims obama care now is modelled on. massachusetts. the president struggled to address the wave of cancellation letters that are hitting both individuals and small businesses who buy their own insurance. this, of course, follows his repeated vows over several years that anyone who likes their insurance would be able to keep it. >> so if you're getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. that's what it's for. >> our first guest tonight at that hearing today, she pressed sebelius on what some are calling the question of the day while making a strong point about obama care and lightening the mood just a bit at the same time. asking whether men can have babies, joining us, congresswoman renee
they are of the reproductive rights of honest to goodness human beings. >> wow. dahlia, in congress this week republicans are filibustering a nomination president obama has made for the bench in the d.c. circuit, is the president putting up enough of a fight and the right kind of fight on these issues given that we know how important they are? even years down the road? >> you know, you said it in your intro, rachel, and it's so true. i think we absolutely underestimate that president george w. bush's real legacy was that he fundamentally changed the federal bench. probably for years and years to come. i mean he really did leave office having seated younger, more conservative federalist society members. you know, these people are as you said each and every one of them, you know, walking the walk. and obama had the option to respond to each of those appo t appointments we equally strong, card carrying aclu, bomb-throwing, janice rogers brown of the left. he really has opted not to. he's done it very, very little. he tends to favor more centrist, moderate, confirmable jurists. and what we saw with patricia
] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> in his weekly address, president obama called on congress to pass a budget. indiana senator dan coats delivered the republican address. he focuses on the health care law. everybody. on thursday i addressed a conference for business leaders around the world. my pitch was simple. choose america. invest in america. create jobs in america. it speaks to my top priority as president, growing our economy, creating good jobs, strengthening security and opportunity for the middle class. over the past three and a half years, our businesses have created over 7.5 million new jobs. this week, the treasury confirmed that since i took office we have cut our deficit by more than half. but we have more work to do. we need to grow and create more good jobs faster. that is my driving focus, and i will go anywhere and do anything to make it happen. washington'se driving focus as well. i know what you often hear out of washington can sadly charley brown's teacher, a jumble of unfocused noise out of touch with the things you care about. today i want t
obama is you areing republicans and democrats to put aside their differences and pass a budget with a new domestic spending. >> if we don't pick the right priorities now, make the right choices now, we could hinder growth and opportunity for decades and leave our children with something less. >> the president says he's happy to hear that republican leaders will not seek another government shutdown or threatened default. he is warning the gop against pursuing budget cuts. the president says he supports closing wasteful tax loopholes and wants to protect education programs and road projects that create jobs. >>> some lake sonoma and lake mendocino visitor facilities are still closed following the government shutdown. this includes many restrooms and campgrounds found at the parks. litter removal and other maintenance has been cut back. the army corps of engineers says the resolution that ended the shutdown did not release all of the funds the parks need. >>> the obama administration says the had heg had heg website -- website should be working smoothly by the end o
. this is why republicans are going to keep fighting to protect consumers from the consequences of the health care law. >> we also learned something pretty stunning. the obama administration knew all along that as many as 93 million americans may be unable to keep their health plans under obamacare and notwithstanding the president's repeated, chronic promises that everyone who liked their plan a -- could keep them. remember that? now here is ellen ratner and fox news contributor. and the white house political director of the matt, i have right here, this is the federal register dated june 17th, 2010. in it the administration, that is the treasury labor health will project $93 million americans they project will lose their health plan. that is the break down. this includes both employer plans and individual policies that would be lost. yet the president repeatedly stood before the american people and he promised no one, absolutely no one would ever lose their plan, period. is that a presidential deception on an unpress sented scale? unprecedented scale? >> if you are one of the millions of am
demato said. i admire ted cruz and mike lee. they're trying to fight against this. where republicans failed is that they focused on defunding obama care rather than pointing out the mandate which the president, oh, ebony, he did, right? >> it doesn't matter. listen. i think everyone agrees this is a flawed law. but now it's time not only to recognize it but go back to the table and put in common sense concerns. >> really great, won't it be great if we're having this discussion and the republican party had a plan that was a pro-free market approach sitting on a web site that works? won't that be a great discussion? they'd drop the ball after hillary care. they cannot drop the ball again, get on it. you have good ideas. you need to counter act this nonsense. >> health care savings account. >> there needs to be a plan. >> i don't see it fixable. >> fix it. use free market principles. allow a cross border insurance. >> yes. >> but in the meantime, just advice to protect yourself. if you're a baby boomer line up doctors now if you're healthy and if you wait until you turn 65 and go on med
of years ago we would have called conservative republicans, that cuccinelli is too conservative. >> reporter: with both sides eager to win this battleground state, more big names are headed to the old dominion in the campaign's closing days. president obama and vice president biden are scheduled to campaign for mcauliffe. while wisconsin governor scott walker, florida senator marco rubio and former texas congressman ron paul will stump for cuccinelli. volunteers with both campaigns are doing their part to help get out the vote next tuesday, when virginia voters will decide which direction to take their state for the next four years. >> woodruff: and to the analysis of shields and brooks. that's syndicated columnist mark shields and "new york times" columnist david brooks. welcome to the program. so, mark, we've heard about the virginia race, big names coming in for both candidates. what are the lessons we should take away after hearing this report from kwame and our producers? >> the first thing i'd say after listening to kwame's report is charles darwin comes to mind. the impro
that they're worth going back to for a minute. president obama hit his lowest job approval ever in that particular poll. 42%. john boehner speaker of the house 17% positive. not so good. republican party, another record low. 22% positive. democrats a little better. 37%. isn't all that good most of the time. congress, three quarters of the american people think congress is the -- part of the problem, not part of the solution. and finally, only 29% say they want to re-elect their own congressmen. about two thirds say throw the bum out. and they're talking about their own congressman. what's going on here? we finally found something that everybody in america agrees on. and that is this thing isn't working across the board. gwen: and sitting at this table a couple of weeks ago the president is riding high. the republicans have embarrassed themselves. and now that didn't last. >> that was just two weeks ago. the lesson here is that when there's a government shutdown and there's a mess, it does drag everybody down. and then you got to go back to the fundamentals. is the economy workin
, the massive misinformation obfuscation campaign by republicans on this. i mean, they've been running against obama care for three election cycles. >> i have to jump on the electoral cal clus, which is what about the government shutdown? we have totally forgotten about the government shutdown and how the republican party blundered that. where people were out of work for week, billions of dollars were lost. so we're coming -- but the aca has obfuscated this, and this is going to be a real danger for the democratic party if it is not resolved. if we get to november and it's not worked out, come to december. >> americans haven't forgot. if we look at opinions about the republican party, they have declined as a result of that shutdown. they have not come back. in september, it was 44% negative. early october during the shutdown, 53% negative. late october, early novshgs we're still at 53% negative. people don't seem to have forgotten about the shutdown. >> anybody in washington, but let obesity fair, if you live or reside in washington and have an elected official -- >> yeah, yeah. >> bad number
much. i love your show. host: david from ashland, lenora, republican line. caller: yes, i have one comment about obama. i have been a democrat all my life and i just switched in the last two years to republican. and i want to tell you that i am ashamed of him. thank you. host: because? caller: everything about him. he don't stand up for himself. from that was david ashland, virginia -- i'm sorry, ashland, illinois. if you are watching gubernatorial politics next a virginia will be gubernatorial race. there is a story in "the wall street journal" this morning about that race and what it means for the larger of -- the larger political applications. write that virginia is a laboratory for how campaigns will play out in the rest of the country. again, you can watch that in "the wall street journal" this morning. and a lead story in the tampa tribune, charlie crist back in the news this morning. that is in "the tampa tribune" this morning. caller: hello, pedro. host: hello. caller: i've been on prescription medication for years for chronic pain. i found that marijuana helps me with my p
and running until sunday morning allegedly because of their repair work. in the meantime, some republicans say the website's problem is just, quote, the tip of the iceberg when it comes to president obama's signature health care law. molly heninburg has more on that. >> yes, the tip of the iceberg according to dan coates who said americans will be stuck on board this titanic unless congress acts. the senator challenged the president's comment that people could keep their health insurance if they liked it under obamacare. >> tell that to over 300,000 people in florida who have received can sell lags notices notices -- cancellation notices or the millions of americans who could see their health plans disappear, and tell that to the tens of thousands of hoosiers in my state that will see similar notices arriving in their mailboxes. >> the president contends that even if an insurance company drops a plan it has to offer these clients other more comprehensive plans that meet obamacare standards. the white house says it does not have accurate data yet for how many people have signed up for policies
, with african-americans, with frankly what looks very much like the coalition that got president obama elected. but the problem with that, don, is that that is absolutely not going to help him get through the republican primary. the republican primary is full of exactly the folks that kevin talked about that are focused on pure ideology here in washington. >> he's not republican enough? >> he's not -- he is not conserve -- he is not tea party enough, let's put it that way. and he's going up against rand paul, and we saw already the division within the republican party itself when rand paul and chris christie went at each other. and there's a pew poll very interesting pew poll that says right now at least the momentum of the republican base and republican voters leans toward the civil libertarianism that rand paul represents. that does not bode well for somebody like chris christie to make it to the nomination. >> there's a new book out on tuesday, it's called "double down, game change, 2012." it says that mitt romney considered chris christie as his running mate but that his background was, qu
? what impact will that have? >> you are asking me, charlie, republicans in the senate led by senator mccain and senator gram are just on a warpath in general about the obama administration foreign policy in the middle east arguing it is failing .. in many dimensions. i think there are so many elements that they oppose, the one i would focus on for your viewers is, i think the job that they have done communicating with even traditional and close friends and allies, the uae, jordan would be two obvious examples, has not been what you would expect or indeed what the u.s. needs right now. this period of change in the region you have got to really stand close to all the people who matter in terms of the execution of foreign policy. >> rose:. >> maliki is not only a tyrant but from the beginning he is sectarian to the core, and that means this shiite divide and he has taken the war to the sunni minority in iraq and i think in a way has done sort of iran's bidding in that way but i think even if you set the war in syria aside, he would have an enormous problem on his hands because, on his
. the republicans say it goes dealer than a troubled website? >> yes, when the number of people losing the health care plan system vastly greater than those signing up in the obama health care website there is a problem. dan coates challenged the president that people can cope their health care if they like it. >> tell that to the people in florida who received cancellation notices and 1 million californians that may see health insurance plans disappear and tell that to the tens of hoosiers in my state that see similar notices a ratifying in their mail boxes. >> even if the his honor company drops a plan they have to offer comprehensive plans that meet obama care standards. nlaw makers learned that we would have to wait until the middle of the month and now they came out and they are very low numbers. what is the white house saying today? >> only six people signed up for obama the first day the website went live according to documents released to the house over sight committee and only 248 people enrolled by the day two. the obama administration needs 39,000 people a day to make it work. the whit
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